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SWCDC Children's Garden and Nature Classroom

 Children need nature. Research has shown that there has been a dramatic decline in the amount of time spent outdoors. Outdoor play is important for any age, but particularly in early childhood and elementary school. Many children are growing up with very little connection to nature due to the lure of TV, computers, and our hurried lifestyle. Each day, we provide time outdoors for all the children. However, we are learning that just providing equipment and time outdoors to run and jump is not enough. Research is showing that children need connections with the natural world as a regular part of their healthy growth and development. Daily interaction with the natural elements will have a positive effect on their intellectual, creative, physical, and social emotional growth.


The United Way Day of Caring is an opportunity to raise awareness about the value of your organization’s service to the community while completing much-needed projects. It is the area’s largest event in which volunteers from all over the state give their time and talent to assist non-profit organizations with projects which will enhance their programs. Over the past two years, a large group of hard-working, dedicated volunteers from Westinghouse have come to lay the foundation and develop areas for the Children’s Garden and Nature’s Classroom.


Our vision for the Children’s Garden and Nature's Classroom is to provide real-life learning experiences for students so that they may see tangible results from their work.  Natural playscapes offer children opportunities to explore and develop their own play world using natural surroundings and the “loose parts” that teachers organize and display around the play area. We seek to offer a variety of cognitive and affective experiences that will supplement the classroom curriculum, while promoting cooperative learning opportunities for children with different learning styles and skills to achieve success in their abilities.


We strive to provide the best possible program for all of our children and families and with the addition of Nature's Classroom and the extension of the Children’s Garden; we hope to inspire the children's budding curiosity and creative spirit year round.

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