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South Windsor Child Development Center

PO Box 1161

1333 Sullivan Avenue

South Windsor, CT 06074

860-644-9172 (p)

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What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 7:00am-6:00pm.

Are you licensed and accredited?

We are licensed by the Office of Early Childhood. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

What age groups do you serve?

A: During the school year we serve toddlers –preschool.  Toddlers must be 2 years of age by Dec. 31 of the current school session. In the summer we also provide a summer program for children entering kindergarten through second grade.

Do you accommodate part-time schedules?

Yes, space permitting. There is a two day minimum enrollment requirement.  We cannot accommodate requests from families for a temporary exchange of days.

Do you have a part-day, part week program for preschool age children?

Yes, we have a nursery school program for three and four year-olds.  It operates on the same schedule as South Windsor Public Schools.

When do children transition into a new age group?

Most of our children transition to a new age group at the end of June each year.  Preschool eligible children must be toilet trained.  Children have not turned three years of age by the end of June transition after their birthday or at the latest by September 1st if they are toilet trained.

Do you accept Care-4-Kids?

Yes we do.  Families are responsible for all tuition that is not covered by the subsidy.

Do you give discounts?

Families with more than one child receive a 10% discount for each additional child.  The discount is applied to the least expensive tuition rate.

Are there part day rates available?

No, attendance for any part of a day is charged at a full-day rate.

Does my child’s schedule need to be consistent?

It is helpful to your child’s adjustment when arrival and departure times are consistent.  It also helps us with staffing needs so if your schedule should change please let us know.

What are your staff qualifications?

Head teachers have an undergraduate degree in early childhood, a similar field of study or are very close to completing a degree.  Assistant teachers and aides have at least 12 credits in early childhood or are enrolled in a degree program for an associate’s degree.   All staff are at least eighteen years of age.

Is your staff first aide/CPR trained?

NAEYC regulations require at least one staff member with First Aid/CPR training be present in a classroom at all times.  We train all new staff within 6 weeks of hire.

Do you provide snacks and meals?

We provide snacks and milk.  Families are responsible for providing a nutritious lunch.

Are you a peanut/tree nut free facility?

We are a peanut/nut sensitive facility.  Children’s lunches may contain peanut and nut items if there is not a child with an allergy to these items in the classroom.

Which days is the center closed?

We observe the major holidays: New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Are there days other than holidays when you are closed?

Occasionally, there are professional development opportunities that would benefit all staff that we are unable to take advantage of due to the scheduled time of the trainings.  If it is necessary to close early it will be no more than two times a year, and no earlier than 1:00pm.  Families will be given at least six weeks advance notice of any early closings.

What is your vacation policy?

Vacation credit is given only to full-day children who are enrolled from the start of our summer session through the spring session (July-June).

Do you close for inclement weather?

We will make every effort to remain open.  However, we will make the decision to close when it is apparent that travel would put staff members in harm’s way.  Closing status updates can be found on WVIT and WFSB.

What is your policy regarding illness?

Children must be fever free for twenty-four hours without the use of fever reducing medications.  In the case of a gastrointestinal illness, they must be free of symptoms for twenty-four hours.  Children who have an illness requiring an antibiotic will be excluded for one full-day after the start of the antibiotic.  Please see our Exclusion of Ill Children Policy in our Family Manual for more information.

Will you administer medication?

We will administer only prescribed medication that allows a child to participate safely in the program such as asthma treatments, epi-pen, and diabetic medication.  We do not administer medications such as antibiotics, cough medicine, and fever-reducing medications.

Do you have a nurse on site?

Our nurse consultant is contracted to be on site for one hour per week.  She is available by phone for any questions or concerns we may have concerning a child’s health status.

Do you go on field trips?

Children in the four-year old full-day and nursery school programs go on two-three field trips per year.  They travel by leased bus. No alternative care is available for children whose families elect not to participate. Families pay the cost of facility admission and rental of the bus.

What is your policy regarding naps?

A scheduled nap time is required by the Office of Early Childhood, Childcare Licensing.  Children who do not nap will be given a quiet activity at the teacher’s discretion.  We will do our best to accommodate family requests for an abbreviated nap.  However, if the child falls asleep we will allow the child to sleep for one hour.  If the child cannot wake up after one hour we will permit her/him to sleep.

Do you have security to prevent strangers from entering?

We have a digital door lock on the entrance door.  The code is changed at least twice a year or more often if we feel it is necessary.  All other exits are locked whenever children and staff are not outside on the playground.

Do you give tours?

Yes, tours are the first step in the enrollment process.  Please call the center to set up an appointment.


Further details regarding our policies can be found in our Family Manual.



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